Dark Side of Coffee Trade: Awareness & Laos's Solutions Public

Coffee Grinders | Helsinki - Finland

Helsinki Central Library Oodi, 4, Töölönlahdenkatu, Center, Kluuvi, Southern major district, Helsinki, Helsinki sub-region, Uusimaa, Southern Finland, Mainland Finland, 00100, Finland, 00100

17.Jun 19 18:30 (END: 17.Jun 19 21:30)

Introduction to coffee industry, international logistics and how things can be done sustainably. The two sessions both have 30 minute presentation by Korjuu and 30 minute real use-case review in Laos by Slow Forest Coffee. The two sessions with the same content interluded with networking: Session I (18:30 – 19:30), networking and discussion with coffee tasting by Slow (19:30 – 20:00), and Session II (20:00 –– 21:00). Event ends at 21:30. Participate by clicking on the participate button!
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Korjuu.com Oy | Helsinki
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Korjuu.com Oy | Helsinki
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